• AEROTRAK 7201 – 7301 – 7501 – TSI


    The TSI AeroTrak® Remote Particle Counter Model 7201 offers the most features and flexibility out of any remote particle counter on the market today. Integration is easy using either Ethernet (TCP/IP) or Serial Modbus RTU communications. The instrument can be powered over its Ethernet connection (Power-over-Ethernet) to simplify installation, or via a local power supply. Configuration can be done locally with a PC or via a web browser.

    This particle counter can also store up to 3,000 sample records providing data redundancy. The instrument reports up to 4 particle sizes simultaneously and other key information such as laser current, background light level, date of last calibration, serial number and date of manufacture for easy warranty management.

    Digital calibration allows for consistency when managing a large number of instruments. With the optional Temp/RH sensor, users can save cabling and powering a separate sensor into a monitoring or building automation system. The AeroTrak Remote Particle Counter also includes an alarm output which allows its users to alarm locally from the particle counter.

    Caracteristicas Técnicas

    Size range 0.2 – 2 µm
    0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM) flow rate
    Up to 4 channels of simultaneous data
    Models available with continuous flow output
    Models available with 2-Channel 4-20 mA output
    Ethernet (TCP/IP) and serial Modbus output
    Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or local power
    3,000 sample record storage
    Static or dynamic IP address (DHCP)
    Local or remote configuration via web browser
    RoHS Compliant
    Stainless steel enclosure
    Optional temp/RH probe
    Optional external alarm output
    ISO 21501-4 compliant
    Continuous Particle Contamination Monitoring
    Semiconductor Clean Room Monitoring
    Hard Disk Drive
    Flat Panel Display

    AEROTRAK 7201 – 7301 – 7501 – TSI