• Analisador de Gases – GasMaster 2750



    • IAQ Investigation
    • Industrial Hygiene Quality Control
    • Occupational Safety and Health Testing
    • US GBC LEED certification
    • Datalogger

    Caracteristicas Técnicas


    &nbsp,Measurments Units

    ppm or mg/m3

    &nbsp,Sensor Head

    Removable and Replaceable

    &nbsp,Reading Functions

    Minimum / Maximum / Average / 15-min


    On-board alarm

    Alarm status displayed

    Alarm mute function

    Low battery indication

    Sensor condition status

    Stand-by mode

    Remote sensor capability

    Data logging and transfer data to PC

    On-board real-time clock

    &nbsp,Alarm output

    Transistor output, 150 mA max

    Low alarm, High alarm &amp, Control

    &nbsp,Analog output

    &nbsp,0 to 5 V

    &nbsp,Digital output


    &nbsp,On-board Data Logging

    8188 data points

    &nbsp,Power Supply

    Li-Ion Battery (lasts up to 8 hrs) or AC Adapter

    &nbsp,Enclosure Rating

    IP20 &amp, NEMA 1 equivalent

    &nbsp,Dimensions (with sensor head)

    7.0 x 4.75 x 2.0 inches (195 x 122 x 54 mm)

    &nbsp,Weight (with sensor &amp, battery)

    &lt, 16 oz (460 g)


    Part 15 of FCC Rules

    EN 50082-1: 1997

    EN 50081-1: 1992

    Includes: Operation manual, AC adapter, Li-ionbattery pack

    Softwareand PC connection cable(only for S500)

    **Gas monitor requires gas sensor head for measurement**

    Analisador de Gases – GasMaster 2750