• Duct Leakage Test


    These devices are used for airtightness (leakage) tests in air-conditioning ducts or cabinets of air handling units (fan-coil, AHU, etc.)
    With these devices it is possible to measure the air leakage in a duct section (or in a cabinet) when this is subject to an internal pressure.
    They may also be used for pressure drop tests in some types of air filters.
    Ducts built as per SMACNA and DW143 standards are classified according to their airtightness ratings. This classification can be verified with these devices. Model DTVD-MP is more suitable for low- and medium-pressure duct, while model DTVD-AP is better applied to medium- and high-pressure ducts.

    Caracteristicas Técnicas

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    Duct Leakage Test