• Manômetro hidrônico CBI – II


    TA-CBI is a computer programmed balancing instrument. It consists of an electronic differential pressure gauge and a micro computer which has been programmed with the TA valve characteristics which makes possible a direct reading of flow and differential pressures.

    The TA-CBI has two main components:

    – An instrument which contains a micro computer, input touch pad, LCD display and re-chargeable NiMh batteries.

    – A sensor unit which contains a piezoresistive pressure sensor, one measurement valve and connections. The measurement valve has a safety function which protects the sensor from too high differential pressures.

    Caracteristicas Técnicas

    Measurement range:

    Total pressure: max 2 500 kPa.

    Differential pressure: -9 to 200 kPa.

    Flow: During flow measurements the pressure range is 0.5 to 200 kPa.

    Temperature: -20 to 120°C

    Temperature liquid medium:

    -20 to 120°C

    Measurement deviation:

    Differential pressure: The greater of ±1% of displayed value or ±0.2 kPa

    Flow: As for differential pressure + valve deviation.

    Temperature: <0.2°C + sensor deviation.

    Effective operating time:

    8 to 10 h between charges depending upon application.

    Ambient temperature for the instrument:

    0 to 40°C (during operation)

    5 to 40°C (charging)

    -20* to 60°C (storage)

    Manômetro hidrônico CBI – II