• Registrador HOBO – Série H08 – H08-032-08 RH / TEMP


    Caracteristicas Técnicas


    Advantages of the U23 Pro V2 vs the H08-03x-08 are

    as follows:

    • USB based — the current and future standard for all Onset loggers

    • HOBOware compatible — Our best software with enhanced graphing andanalysis features

    • Windows and Macintosh Compatible

    • More reliable RH sensor — microchip vs film capacitance – better recovery from moisture, more robust, longer lasting overall, user replaceable!

    • Better temp accuracy: 0.18°C vs 0.2°C Better RH accuracy: 2.5% vs 3%

    • U-Shuttle/Optic Shuttle compatible

    • More memory (42K vs 32K, 12-bit measurements)

    • Additional sensor configuration models

      – external temp rh

      – 2 external temp sensors (much better for “apples to apples”comparisons)

    • Less expensive

    • Works down to -40°C vs. -30°C

    • Optical communication works even if the logger/base station/optic-shuttle is wet

    • External version works with new, smaller, less expensive, easier-to-use-and-download-the-logger radiation shield

    • Included mounting bracket for easy logger mounting and retrieval

    • No lost mounting caps/Easier to use with gloves Operating range (logger):

      -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to +122°F), 0 – 100% RH, HOBO Pro RH/Temp should bemounted so that water does not impact or collect in the RH sensor.

      RH Sensor operating environment: 0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F) in intermittent condensing environments up to +30°C, and above +30°C in non-condensing environments.

      Sensor requires protection from rain, splashing, mist, dust, and airborne chemicals such as salt and ammonia.

      Time accuracy: approx. ±1 minute per week (±100 ppm at +20°C or +68°F), full

      dependance shown in Plot A.

    Registrador HOBO – Série H08 – H08-032-08 RH / TEMP