• Termostato Controlador VEC-ABC13 TCY


    Controlador eletronico de temperatura série VEC-ABC13 TCY0121

    Caracteristicas Técnicas


    Temperature control for 2-pipe, 4-pipe HVAC systems.

    Temperature range from –40 to 140 °C.

    &nbsp,4 independent PI sequences

    &nbsp,6 independent binary sequences

    &nbsp,1 modulating output for DC 0…10V or 0…20 Maactuators.

    &nbsp,2 TRIAC controlled binary outputs 24V AC, optionfor floating output

    &nbsp,1 Input for DC 0…5V, 0…10V or 0…20 Ma sensors

    &nbsp,1 internal temperature sensor, external sensorinput available

    &nbsp,Monitoring of low and high limits on all inputs.Programmable reaction in case of alarm.

    &nbsp,Optional connection for external NTC temperaturesensor

    &nbsp,Temperature sensor feedback

    &nbsp,Special functions for dehumidifying, set pointshift, fan and VAV control

    &nbsp,Transformation of display value according toanalog sensor range

    &nbsp,Password protected programmable user and controlparameters

    &nbsp,Display and operation unit available in variousdesigns and materials.

    Termostato Controlador VEC-ABC13 TCY