• Termostato Controlador VEC-ABC13 TCY


    Controlador eletronico de temperatura série VEC-ABC13 TCY0121

    Caracteristicas Técnicas

    CONTROLADOR TERMOSTATO VEC-ABC13Temperature control for 2-pipe, 4-pipe HVAC systems. Temperature range from –40 to 140 °C. 4 independent PI sequences 6 independent binary sequences 1 modulating output for DC 0…10V or 0…20 Ma actuators. 2 TRIAC controlled binary outputs 24V AC, option for floating output 1 Input for DC 0…5V, 0…10V or 0…20 Ma sensors 1 internal temperature sensor, external sensor input available Monitoring of low and high limits on all inputs. Programmable reaction in case of alarm. Optional connection for external NTC temperature sensor Temperature sensor feedback Special functions for dehumidifying, set point shift, fan and VAV control Transformation of display value according to analog sensor range Password protected programmable user and control parameters Display and operation unit available in various designs and materials.

    Termostato Controlador VEC-ABC13 TCY